Top 10 Ugliest Animals

1: Hairless Cat

gross cat

Some people would call me a crazy cat lady, and really I can’t argue with them, but when god makes such a creature who was put on this earth to be cute and cuddly, bald and scary it really makes me question. For those of you who are fond of the hairless cat, kudos to you. I admire your decency to love beyond just looks.

I also admire the extra special care these hairless animals require such as warmth they lack from a luscious coat of fur, and extra protection from environmentally harmful things such as the sun, and skin allergies. These creatures are just not my cup of tea.

nasty frogs2: FROGS

Now, this one I am not just talking out of fear, but these little guys are nasty. I cringe when little kids find these things outside and pick the sucker up and go “Mommy, mommy, I found a frog!” Yuck!

I see no real point to these animals, except for the fact that they help cure the over abundance of insects in the world. They are slimy, bug-eyed, unpredictable little creatures. Oh, and don’t forget the poisonous ones. Yikes! I could deal with a world without frogs.


ugly squid animal

Okay folks, now this animal truly freaks me out. Squid are so strange looking! It’s also a little alarming to think that some can be as big as 18 feet long. That’s creepy.

It’s really hard to determine where this things face is? Does it have a mouth? What’s its purpose? I hope squid tastes better than they look because these guys are indescribable!



Some monkeys are cute, but apparently some of them got slapped with the ugly stick. Baboons are pretty interesting looking. Sure, they’re colorful, but boy, they have a weird looking face.

I would imagine they are pretty obnoxious too. When I think of them one thing comes to mind and that’s stink. I would assume they aren’t the cleanliest creatures, but ive smelt worse.

5. Bulldog

ugly bulldog

Last but not least. The bull dog. I know there are some of you out there that adore these dogs, but I beg to differ.

Man’s best friend is supposed to be a proud attractive pooch, not some porky, smooshed-face runt. Maybe that was a little harsh. These dogs are not only that attractive, but they just look down right mean, and I’m sure they slobber a lot too. Well, you can’t win them all!


I don’t think there’s anyone on this earth that thinks rats are cute. Maybe a little harmless mouse, but a rat, well the name speaks for itself. These things are disease infested rodents that will lurk and squeeze through any crevice. Even their squeals make me cringe. This one had to make the list for sure.


Snakes are not only ugly, but they are pretty in your face ugly. I know I would never mess around with a snake. They are highly unpredictable, and for some, one bite could be lethal. They are sneaky, eerie creatures. Their fangs and hiss could scare anyone off. I really can’t believe people eat these guys, skin and all. Yuck!


This one is pretty hard to even describe. Talk about a weird critter here. I would describe a sloth as a  mix between a monkey and  perhaps a koala bear? They seem to sit upright and move around like a human, but they are so strange looking! The long tail doesn’t really go with the whole get up either. Of course we all know how slow they are. If all sloths looked like Sid off of ice age, then yes, I think they’ve earned a spot on the list.


What can I even say about this one? Well I guess the most similar comparison to this animal would have to be perhaps a portable shopvac? They are short, stubby creatures, and what is with this weird elephant snout they’ve got? Do they really live off ants? It surely is a questionable creature altogether. I wouldn’t want one off these as my pet.


You definitely don’t want to mess with these ugly guys. Apparently they are pretty aggressive too. I always thought commodo dragons were similar to an average sized iguinna, then I actually saw one on television and couldn’t believe it. These things are huge, and they don’t mess around. They are butt ugly and look like a cross between a lizard and a turtle. The ultimate reptile. I hope I never have to come across one of these.


Yes, I know, it doesn’t really count as an animal, but I feel this list should be devoted to these nastys. They’re small, big, fat, furry, scary things. Who doesn’t hate spiders? You can’t tell me you have had one fall on you from out of nowhere and you scream like a little girl? Yup, they’re gross! I especially hate the Daddy Long-legs. I’m sure there’s a more technical name for them, but I’m sure most of us know them by this name. Just thinking about spiders make my skin crawl. Well, that concludes my top ten most ugliest animals, I’m sure most of you can agree with me!

What do you think is the ugliest?

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